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Psyllium-che qian zi

The seed husks of Plantago ovata, known as Psyllium husks are an excellent source of soluble dietary fibre. Psyllium husks are beneficial for both constipation and diarrhoea and can assist in maintaining a normal and healthy bowel function. A native to Europe, North Africa and Asia, Psyllium husks have been used for thousands of years as a safe and effective bulk laxative. Even today Psyllium husks are the main ingredient in a number of the major laxative brands. They also provide an excellent way of cleaning the intestine and helping maintain a healthy bowel function, which is a priority for good health as the bowel is one of the major ways the body expels the toxins of everyday living.

Half to one teaspoon as and when required or as part of a cleansing programme or as directed by your herbal practitioner

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Psyllium-che qian zi Please Note: that this information for legal purposes is general information about the plants traditional uses, and can not be related to any products Healthylicious have for sale.