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Jin Ju Di Dan Wan - Skin Clear Zoom

Jin Ju Di Dan Wan

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Jin Ju Di Dan Wan
Product Description


    Package:56 tablets/bottle

    JU HUA (Chrysanthemum Flower, Flos Chrysanthemi),BAI MAO GEN(Woolly Grass Rhizome, Rhizoma Imperatae),DI FU ZI(Broom Cypress Fruit, Fructus Kochiae),XUAN SHEN(Scrophularia (Ningpo Figwort Root), Radix Scrophulariae),MU DAN PI (Tree-Peony Bark (Moutan Bark), Cortex Moutan),FENG WEI CAO(Phoenix-tail Fern, Herba Pteridis Multifidae),FU LING (Tuckah (Poria), Poria),ZI CAO(Arnebia (Lithospermum Root), Radix Lithospermi seu Arnebiae),YI YI REN(Job's tears Seed (Coix Seed), Semen Coicis),MAI MEN DONG(Lilyturf Root (Ophiopogon Root), Radix Ophiopogonis),SHENG DI HUANG (Raw Rehmannia Root , Radix Rehmanniae),PU GONG YING (Dandelion Herb, Herba Taraxaci),DANG GUI (Chinese Angelica Root , Radix Angelicae Sinensis),JIN YIN HUA(Honeysuckle Flower, Flos Lonicerae),SANG YE(Mulberry Leaf , Folium Mori),MA BIAN CAO(Verbena Leaf, Herba Verbenae Officinalis),

    Standard Dosage:
    4 tablets, 2 x day.

    Cautions & Contraindications:
    Contraindicated during pregnancy.

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